On-Line Feminist Torah Study Program – now complete

miriam b%22m escorting s''t

escorting a bat-mitzva in Kotel plaza

As the Jewish world prepares to begin the new cycle of Torah readings with Bereishit-Genesis, I have completed a full series of guided study sessions, the ICJW BEA ZUCKER ON-LINE BIBLE STUDY PROGRAM – the culmination of more than 4 years of effort. The sessions are designed for individuals, pairs, and groups to learn the weekly parasha from a provocative, relevant feminist perspective. Study groups are forming all over the world under the auspices of the International Council of Jewish Women. I invite you to use these materials.

The sessions are freely available here – from the  ICJW website, in English and Spanish.



One thought on “On-Line Feminist Torah Study Program – now complete

  1. Dear Bonna,

    Thanks for sending this. I will teach next semester again Feminist Biblical Interpretation and will use your work as a paradigm of Jewish feminist biblical interpretation,

    A belated happy New Year,

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