USA Tour – Public Events

W: ReReadingHere is a listing of public events on my upcoming tour. I will be teaching at Isabella Friedman in the Berkshires Dec 29 – Jan 1, in Seattle WA on Jan 8 and Jan 10, in Eugene OR on Jan 14, and in the San Francisco Bay area from Jan 16 – Jan 19. I would be delighted for you to come and participate in evocative learning and inspiring conversations – see the descriptions below. Please share this information with your friends in the relevant areas.

I have a couple of slots available for last-minute planners – please contact me with proposals for this tour, or if you would like to invite me for a future engagement: bonnadev at gmail dot com

Falls Village CT, Sun Dec 29 – Wed Jan 1 Hazon Food Conference – Isabella Friedman Jewish Retreat Center, Berkshires

  • DIY Extravaganza: Jerusalem Live Culture – Starting Sourdough

  • Study Workshop: Kneading Text: A Hands-on Bread Ritual for Daily Nurture – While some Jewish passages associate bread-making with women, the entire process, from sowing to baking, plays a dignified role in Jewish texts and sacred culture altogether. Making bread comprises eleven of the 39 acts of work that are prohibited on Shabbat, and thereby define much of the creative labor of the week. In our culture, we often take bread for granted. In this session, we combine text with flour and water in a messy, sensuous, rhythmic, and vital spiritual practice.

  • Study Workshop: Pesach: Feeding Liberation – Along with breathing and, for women, sex, eating is among a few interactions with the created world whereby we take external matter into our being. We inhale, ingest, encompass something outside and internalize it within us. Commemorating passage outward from inside, delivery from confinement into exterior space, Pesach feeds release from oppression. We explore ingesting liberation at the seder, evocative embodied interplay between inside and out that gives birth to Exodus.

  • Book signing: ReReading Israel: The Spirit of the Matter and Israeli Feminism Liberating Judaism: Blood and Ink

  • Keynote Panel: Shmita and Israel: Ancient Practices, Novel Approaches

Seattle WA, Wed Jan 8, 7-9 pm – Malone Room, Women’s University Club, 1105 6th Ave (Please note that dress code of the venue is “no jeans or sneakers”.) Space is limited. Please RSVP: daldermanseattle at gmail dot com

  • Israeli Women for a Change: An evening of study and conversation with Israeli scholar, activist and author, Bonna Devora Haberman

Seattle WA, Fri Jan 10, 2-3:30 pm – Society for Jewish Ethics Conference – Westin Hotel

  • Toward CEDAW without Reservations – Beyond the Wall of Jewish Orthodoxy – Civil rights end at the gates of mosques, churches, temples, and synagogues. Western democracies uphold religious prerogatives to oppress women, instituting a gender regimen that vitiates core ethical tenets of our societies, including equality, freedom, justice, health, and peace. Religion is a master key to women’s public participation and leadership, and to the betterment of the human condition. The initiator of the 25-year strong Israeli activist movement, Women of the Wall, I demonstrate strategies for grappling with patriarchal power in texts and society.This paper contributes toward liberating Judaism from its oppressions, and toward rendering religion a liberating force among people.

Eugene OR, Tue Jan 14, 6:30 pmTemple Beth Israel, 1175 E 29th Ave

  • ReReading Israel: Text-inspired strategies for a more redeemed state – lecture and engaged sharing with Bonna Devora Haberman, Jerusalem scholar/ peace activist/ author

Berkeley CA, Thur Jan 16, 7 – 9 pm Chochmat HaLev, 2215 Prince Street

  • T”U B’Shvat: Spiritual Arousal from the Fruit of our Land – The celebration of T”U bShvat, the birthday of the trees, awakens us to rising spring vitality. This talk and open conversation with a progressive religious Zionist invite into a complex garden where texts and fruit nurture body, mind and spirit. How do we reconcile desire with exile from the garden? How can we connect our lives to the earth with less contradiction? What is the relevance of the modern State of Israel to our celebration?

Berkeley CA, Fri Jan 17,  6:30 pm Kabbalat Shabbat – Chochmat HaLev, 2215 Prince Street

  • Blood and Ink of Exodus: A liberation theology for Israel and humanity, D’var Torah on Parshat Yitro – One of the most profound offerings of the Jewish People to humanity is Exodus—a way out. Exodus is the font of liberation movements. Let us activate the spiritual and material potency of Exodus to improve our societies.

Oakland CA, Sun Jan 19, 10 am – 3 pmWilderness Torah T”U bShvat RetreatRoberts Regional Recreation Area

  • 10-12:30: Experiential T’U bShvat Tikkun with Wilderness Torah founder and director Zelig Golden

  • 1:30-3:00 study workshop: Earth body, Divine Body, Human body – Our rebirth of liberation – Liberation partakes of the same miracle that a seed brings to its fulfillment, growing from hidden potential to sapling and fruit-bearing tree. The biblical Israelites stimulate and fertilize the conception of a nation. Gestating within the narrows of Egypt, the Children of Israel emerge with the pulse of contracting plagues from between the spread thighs of divine being onto the earth, and into our Land. How do we embody this process in our lives?

Berkeley CA, Sun Jan 19, 7 pmAfikomen Judaica and Lehrhaus Judaica, 3042 Claremont Ave. Info: 510-655-1977

  • R%22H Tammuz - WallaWomen Beyond the Wall: From Past to Future – Having conceived women’s public prayer at the site most sacred to the Jewish People, Women of the Wall have endured throughout a quarter century of harassment, Supreme Court appeals, media campaigning, and most of all, tremendous joyous prayer in the women’s section at the Kotel. Thousands have been mobilized and inspired. We have challenged the limits of ultra-Orthodox hegemony irrevocably, and tested the boundaries of secular and religious jurisdiction in civil society. We have created a new icon of a Jewish woman praying in the full sun, adorned with tallit and tefillin, and reading from the Torah.

    Today, Women of the Wall are at a crossroads, negotiating at seams between Israeli and Diaspora interests, between Orthodoxy and pluralism, between men’s and women’s religious authority. As proposals are debated, we will explore together the process of Women of the Wall and prospects for the unfolding vision as we face to the future.


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