Facing Facebook

our facesYesterday, for a moment, I switched my fb photo to a more current one, one that conveys the face of what I am facing now.

Immediately, I felt too exposed, and changed it back.

But not soon enough.

Electronic waves carried news of the change aloft, though most only saw an automated post of the return to my previous photo.

My current face was washed away into the cyber sea.

I am hiding behind a previous face of me.

What face to show on Facebook?

When I replaced the current photo with the older one, I felt disingenuous.

So here I post the photo of me as I am now, with my dear grand-daughter.

With this post, I send my blessings for healing for all people and our precious planet, for perseverance, for love, and for gratitude for every breath, and delight in life as we unfold.

We all have many faces.

Let us face one another with genuineness and caring.


7 thoughts on “Facing Facebook

    • thank you for sharing your journey, your heart and your strength…please, what is your full name so that I can put you in my tfillot? May you always be blessed!

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