My Voice for Change: Radio (Pod)casts

During the last couple of weeks, I was invited to speak on three English-language radio programs. All are available on-line as podcasts. I welcome you to listen (click on the links below), and share your responses.

  • This is a freewheeling conversation with two wonderfully curious, dynamic Orthodox rabbis, Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz, the hosts of “Israel Inspired Radio”. “Can Modern Jewish Feminism Reinvigorate Judaism?,” Voice of Israel, Dec 9, 2014.
  • I spent an hour with Rogel Alpher who hosts a show called Journeys – about the life path of immigrants to Israel. We focus mainly on Women of the Wall and meander a bit into my theater work. At the end, I share some reflections on health and mortality. “The very first woman of the wall,” TLV1 Journeys, Dec 3,2014, and on Haaretz podcasts, Dec 11,2014.

From teaching, writing and even performing, Bonna Devora Haberman shares her ideas about Zionism, Judaism, gender roles, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in this intimate in-studio interview with host Molly Livingstone. Her wise words give new meaning to the Jewish past, present and future, as she discusses her role in change, understanding Jewish text and the concept of birth.


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