Bonna Devora Haberman earned her doctorate in Ethics and Education at the University of London. Having grown up in Canada, studied in the USA, Israel, and England, her work in and out of the academy fuses critical interpretation of texts and culture with passion for social betterment. She has published widely and taught at the Hebrew University, at the Harvard University Divinity School and at Brandeis University where she founded and directed the “Mistabra Institute for Jewish Textual Activism” – addressing difficult texts and social problems using performance arts. With Mistabra, she created and performed two full-length theater pieces, Inner Fire—about Jewish peoplehood, Israel, and territory, and Unmasking Esther. She studied with Augusto Boal, the Brazilian founder of Theater of the Oppressed.

In Jerusalem, Bonna initiated a 24-year strong Israeli movement for religious pluralism and women’s public participation and leadership, “Women of the Wall”. She is currently co-directing a community theater project, YTheater together with a Palestinian partner.

Bonna, her spouse, Shmuel Browns and five children live in Israel.


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