Bonna Devora Haberman books lectures, seminars, workshops and scholar-in-residency engagements, in Israel, Europe and North America. Please contact:

What students / audiences say:

Really opened my eyes to feeling Judaism interactively, instead of from the neck up.”

Gave me a very different way to read sacred text, a new understanding of modern Zionism and a new appreciation for ‘women’s issues’ in Jewish thought.”

I loved how Bonna challenged us and insisted we live comfortably with the tensions and disagreements in our tradition.”

Ultimately, I learned powerful new content from some core texts, as well as a new paradigm with which to approach text and this topic, but more importantly I learned how to bring the text alive, which was invaluable.”

Her teaching toolkit is amazing — deep text study, pilpul, physical movement, art, conversation, challenge. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had for anything.”

Please, please, please bring Bonna back. She is one of the most incredible teachers of Torah I have ever learned with – a true inspiration!”

“Bonna was absolutely delightful and brilliant.”

“This class has been an expansive and enlightening experience that will serve me well personally and also in my role as teacher/rabbi/mentor.”

Bonna was masterful – I want to sit at her feet and learn a lot more.”


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