Torah Study

You are welcome to pursue the following unique and provocative study programs by Bonna Devora Haberman:

  1. A ten-part series, Biblical Women, and
  2. Study sessions for the weekly Torah reading:

    The BEA ZUCKER ON-LINE BIBLE STUDY PROGRAM: The Five Books of Moses: Contemporary Issues and Classic Perspectives

    by Dr. Bonna Devora Haberman is accessible in English and Spanish. Created cumulatively in monthly installments over the course of more than 4 years, the full set of guided study sessions on the weekly Torah readings is complete and available for download from the ICJW site.

    Each weekly Torah-reading-parasha session includes:

    • a summary of the parasha
    • an exploration of a selected segment of the text  – relating to classical and contemporary commentaries,
    • guiding questions that connect the study to our daily lives
    • links for further inquiry
    • a re-cap of the issues raised, and
    • a reflection on the methods of interpretation.
  3. The ICJW Bea Zucker Calendar Study Series: Feminist Inspiration for Living on the Jewish Cycle. This series is in process – new units are being added monthly.

All of the study materials are intended as a resource for groups and communities, for individuals and partners who seek fresh and relevant approaches to the Torah and our lives.

The ICJW – an umbrella organization representing women’s organizations in 43 countries – is the sponsor of this feminist commentary on the Torah.

From the Introductory Letter for Participants

Dear Torah Students,

Ours is the first generation of Jewish women to have access to the Torah on a mass scale. Using the internet, we are making Torah study even more accessible than ever. This new access has given birth to new ways of reading and relating to the Torah. Here we open to you the opportunity to work month-by-month through the Torah, reading each parasha and studying through a “feminist lens”.

What does it mean to study “through a feminist lens”?

Every time we open the text, we bring with us our history, our values, and our questions– ourselves. Here, we study not only what people have said before us; we also raise questions that come from our experience. “There are seventy faces to the Torah” is an often-quoted rabbinic expression. No single reading is final or true. As the rabbinic sages were accustomed to doing, these sessions aim to arouse and challenge you to study the Torah together with your life. In this new conversation among women around the world, let us take nothing for granted. I welcome you to probe the text with openness and sincerity.

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2 thoughts on “Torah Study

    • Zmira, click on the links above to the ICJW website — all of the study materials are freely available. Many people convene groups to study the parsha together weekly, or with a hevruta-partner. Welcome!

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